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WithWave 17000 Board Edge SMA, Board Cleance, 1.1 mm,Straight,DC to 26.5 GHz, SMA Jack Straight -
EZ Form Cables 10500 SMA Jack, End Launch for, .062" Board Thickness, Round, Contact, Gold Plated, DC-18GHz SMA Jack Straight PC Mount (PCB), Stripline, End Launched/Edge Mount
Corning Gilbert 10026 G3PO Male (SB) Catchers, Mitt, 2 Leg PCB Mount, w/Nail, Head Pin, Gold Plated BeCu G3PO Plug Straight PC Mount (PCB), Stripline, Thru Hole
Corning Gilbert 9285 GPO Male (FD), 4 Leg PCB, Through Hole Mount, Captivated, Center Conductor, .100" Legs GPO Plug Straight PC Mount (PCB), Stripline, Thru Hole
Huber+Suhner 9000 MMCX Plug, Crimp Type, for, RG178 Cable, DC-6GHz, 11_MMCX-50-1-1/111_OH MMCX Plug Straight Flexible Cable (RG,LMR), RG178, RG196
EZ Form Cables 6500 SMA Jack End Launch, 50 ohm, Round Contact, SMA - - -
Corning Gilbert 5972 GPO Male (FD) Thread-in,, Extended Dielectric, w/.018", Dia Radius Pin, Passivated SS GPO Plug Thread-In Receptacle, other
Corning Gilbert 5211 GPPO Male (Full Detent), Hermetic solder-in Shroud, w/ .050 long pin. GPPO Plug Hermetic Shroud, other
Huber+Suhner 5021 MMCX Plug R/A, Crimp Type,, for RG-178/RG-196 Cable., 16_MMCX-50-1-1/111_OH MMCX Plug Right Angle Flexible Cable (RG,LMR), RG178, RG196
Radiall 5000 SMB Plug for RG316/174, Straight CLAMP type., Gold plated. SMB Plug Straight Flexible Cable (RG,LMR), RG174, RG316, RG188, LMR100
Radiall 4820 SSMB Jack, PCB Surface, Mount, Gold Plated Brass,, .289" Long SSMB - Straight PC Mount (PCB), Stripline, Surface Mount
Corning Gilbert 4428 GPO Female, Solder Type,, for .086" Dia. Cable, .250", Long, Gold Plated BeCu GPO Jack Straight Semi-Rigid,Conformable (S/R-C), .085 Dia.
Radiall 4300 SMA Plug for .085 S.R., Direct Solder. Passivated S.S., Cnut & Gold pltd body. SMA Plug Straight Semi-Rigid,Conformable (S/R-C), .085 Dia.
Corning Gilbert 3974 GPPO Female Swept R/A for, .047 dia. Semi-rigid cable., High performance. GPPO Jack Right Angle Semi-Rigid,Conformable (S/R-C), .047 Dia.
Gigalane 3504 SMA Jack 4 hole 1/2" SQ, Flange w/.020 dia pin protrude, .040 (26.5 GHz) SMA Jack Straight Receptacle, 4 Hole Flange
TE Connectivity 3482 VITA NanoRF PIN Contact, .047" Dia. Cable, for use with, NanoRF Backplane Modules VITA NanoRF Pin Contact , .047 Dia.
Corning Gilbert 3352 GPPO Male (FD), PCB Edge, Mount, .165" Long, w/.012" Dia, Radius Pin, Gold Plated BeCu GPPO Plug Straight PC Mount (PCB), Stripline, End Launched/Edge Mount
Radiall 3295 SMA Plug for .141 S.R., w/Solder-on contact., Gold Body,Passivated Cnut SMA Plug Straight Semi-Rigid,Conformable (S/R-C), .141 Dia.
Corning Gilbert 3025 GPO Male (FD) Shroud, 2, Hole Flange, .480" x .165",, Passivated Stainless Steel GPO Plug Flange Mount Shroud, 2 Hole Flange
Corning Gilbert 2687 GPO Male (LD) Thread-In, Shroud, Passivated Stainless, Steel, 0.120" Long. GPO Plug Thread-In Shroud, other