Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manufacture cable assemblies?
Yes we do. As an authorized stocking distributor for several connector and cable manufacturers not only do we have immediate access to inventory, our costs are generally lower, allowing us to offer competitive pricing and delivery.
Do you cross parts?
We are proud to be connected to the companies for which we stock and distribute. This broad range of products and manufacturers puts us in a very good position to cross almost any interconnect product in the RF and Microwave connector and component world.
Do you provide technical support?
ECM is a product focused company. We specialize in RF & Microwave component distribution, and that's all we do. All of our customer service representatives have been with us for multiples of years. They attend a technical meeting every week to receive new information and/or review past technical data. We can answer 99% of the technical questions we receive that relate to our product focus; connectors, adapters, cable, cable assemblies, attenuators, terminations, DC blocks, surge/lightening protectors, bias tee's and other components.
Are you a STOCKING distributor?
You bet we are! Our tag line "Your Personal Stockroom" along with our toll-free number, 1-800-STOCKROOM, is a short way of conveying our business philosophy. If you're going to be in the distribution business, you need to have the product when the customer needs it. No, we don't always have what someone needs when they need it, but it is a position we are constantly striving to achieve. If it's RF and/or Microwave, and if it's an interconnect product, if we don't have it we will know where to get it.
Are you willing to stock special items?
This is one of those subjects that further separate us from the competition. We are more than happy to stock 'unique' items. In fact it's a respectable portion of our business. We have several long-term customers for whom we've been stocking and shipping their 'Just In Time' items designed specifically for their application. Because we know this 'interconnect' world so well, we generally know which manufacturer would be best suited for an application.
How big is ECM?
As stated on our HOME page, ECM picks up where the big distributors leave off. Established in 1988, ECM is currently an authorized distributor for over 30 quality manufacturers — and we're still growing! We sell throughout the world, with our main focus in the US, Canada and Europe.

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