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Message from the President, Communication - Cooperation Commitment

East Coast Microwave Sales & Distribution, LLC.

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For some companies, quality statements are reserved for annual reports and plaques in the lobby, but at East Coast Microwave Sales & Distribution, LLC., we have infused continuous improvement and learning as a core part of our company culture. These values, coupled to superior customer satisfaction are the guiding principle in our daily business operations.

Our vision was architected by the people of ECM, embraced by the founders and leadership team, and given total support by the office of the President.

Attaining our vision requires improving performance in every area and at every level of the organization. These values are proudly posted in our offices so that employees, customers and partners can join us in striving to achieve our goals.

We will earn our customers' loyalty by listening to their needs, by being their trusted advisor, anticipating challenges, reducing risk and act to create value in their eyes.

We are committed to being reliable, maintaining our flexibility, always improving responsiveness and focusing on new innovative products and services that solve problems.

It is not enough to be honest; we strive to be exemplary citizens. To work with integrity in every part of the world, enriching the lives of the people we meet, as well as the environment, building trust and mutual respect for all people.

Alan Mond
East Coast Microwave Sales & Distribution, LLC.

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